University of Tokyo
AGS(Alliance for Global Sustainability)

Memorandum for Jan. 24, 2012

Sustainable city Development strategy
A study of model town "J-town2010"

Yukinobu Takiyama
Ver.Feb.6, 2011


Philosophy and mission

■ サステイナブルシティの機能と設備
Facilities of sustainable city

・Water and food
・City management

■Action program
■Case study

■Case study for East Japan earthquake

■Feasibility study

■■■計画概念図 Model site plan of sustainable city "J-town2010"

J-town2010の中心部 DID(Densely Inhabited District) Plan 
面積 DID area 2Km2 (800m radius)
近隣住区のサイズ "Neighbourhood community" unit size
人口 Population 5000
世帯 Household 1500
住宅 敷地240坪、延床33坪、一戸建、平屋、水耕栽培園付属 House lot: 800m2,House floor 110m2, Detouched, Single floor, Self contained with water cultivation plant.


■■■■■■Philosophy and mission

■■■ Mission

Sustainable city is "The Ultimate solution for the global peace".(No war, No poverty and starving, No crime, No natural disaster, No unhappy people, No nonsense)
22世紀(2100年)までにサステイナブルシティ "J-town2010 model"が世界人口の8割をカバーする。
By the end of this century, sustainable city "J-town2010 model" supports 80% of world population (8billion people)

■■■サステイナブルシティのキーワード Keywords for sustainable city concept.

■■セルフコンテインド Self contained

A 自給自足 Self contained

aエネルギー Energy (PV electric power, Solar Heater for heat; subject to local resources)
b水(生活用水、灌漑用水、産業用水、処理水) Water(Drinking, Irrigation, Industrial,Sewer)
c食糧(地産地消、自家生産) Food
d資材 Material
e交通(域内交通中心) Community Transportation oriented (No commuting, No rapid transportation in town; DID area Max 6km/h)
f その他インフラ Other infrastructure and services

B 環境改善 Improvement of Environment

a 「CO2ゼロ」「廃棄物ゼロ」「水使用量の極小化」 Zero CO2, Zero waste, Minimum water consumption,Minimum Life Cycle Cost.
b ライフサイクルフットプリントの極小化 Minimum life cycle footprint
c 生物多様性の確保、潜在植生の復元と拡大 Biodiversity, Recovery of potential natural vegetation
■安全安心 Safety, Piece of mind

A 防災の安心 Disaster prevention
B 不慮の事故の安心 Accident prevention
C 防犯の安心 Crime prevention
D 環境の安心 Environmental safety

a 自然環境の安心 Natural environment
b 資源・エネルギーの安心 Resources and Energy security
c 食料の安心(フードセキュリティー) Food security
・ プリベンティブフード(疾病予防食;医食同源)Preventive food
・ローカルフード(地産地消) Local food
・フードストレージ(備蓄食糧) Food reserve 
・フードファクトリー(水耕栽培工場) Food factory
・クリエイティブフード(食の知財産業化) Creative food

E QOLの安心 〜ICFを活用した統合システム Peace of mind QOL and ICF integration

a 医療、介護などの安心 Medical, Nursing careaccessibility
b 教育の安心 Education service accessibility
c 仕事の安心 Money; Job and Income
d 財産の安全 Money; Stock and reserve 
e 死後の安心、心の平安 Spiritual; Peace of mind accesibility

■知財産業と教育 Intellectual Industry and Education

a 職住学遊一体化 Integration of life and community place (work place, living place, studying place, etc.)
b 知財指向の自主教育 Community education for Intellectual Industry
c ミュージアム/知識アーカイブス Museum, Intellectual archives
d グローバル交流 Global interchanging
e インキュベーション、コミュニティファンド Community based R&D ( Community based stakeholder)

■自律コミュニティ Autonomous community

A 「真の自治」 Real local autonomy
B 「自己実現とQOL」 Self-actualization and QOL
C 「四世代近居とパワーコミュニティ」 Close living of 4 generation and power community


■サステイナビリティの規模と外部への影響 Externality of sustainability (Magnitude and influence)

グローバルレベル(地球規模) Global scale
カントリーレベル(国の規模) Country scale
リージョナルレベル(広域行政圏の規模) Regional scale
コミュニティレベル(最少行政単位/近隣住区の規模) Community scale
ファミリーレベル(世帯の規模) Family scale

■■■文明と理想郷の視点で見る都市開発の歴史 History of community/town/city development; Civilization and Utopia

■古代ギリシャの放牧 Pasture livestock nomad

Arcadia in Ancient Greece

■キリスト教のノアの方舟 Noah's arch and Eden in Christianity

■道教の桃源郷 Shangri La in Taoism

■西欧中世の修道院(セルフコンテインド) Monastery Monte Casino


■■田園都市への道 Garden city

Before Industrial revolution
Home manufacturing

Industrial revolution
Slum and pollution

London in 1872

■New Lanark

Owen's Utopia
Subordinate to the employer

Salt's Healthy and cultural utopia(Industrial city)
Subordinate to the employer


■ Bournville by Cadbury
Independent from employer

■ハワードの田園都市 Howard's Garden city

スラムと煙のない町 Slumless and smokeless city
自然との共生と自律 Cohabitation with nature and autonomy of the city
アーツアンドクラフツ運動~の影響 Influence of Arts and Crafts movement(Ruskin/Morris)
クエーカー教の影響 Influence of Quakers


Industry zone

Spirella bldg.

Not enough to serve to the community

Autonomous town management

■■20世紀型開発のモデルとなった田園都市 Garden city was the model of 20th century development

■ 田園都市の崩壊と修正案 Deterioration of Garden city concept and revision

■ モータリゼーション Motorization

■スプローリング Sprawling
Subordination to Mega city
Satellite city, Newtown, Bed town

■■田園都市の修正案 Reformation of garden city

■近隣住区 Neighborhood unit(Perry)

■TOD (Transportation oriented development)

■コンパクトシティ Compact city

■スマートシティ Smart city
"Smart city" = City with IT assistance. Sustainability is not a must.
"Sustainable city" =City with sustainability. Smartness is not a must.

■■21世紀のサステイナブルシティ Sustainable city for the 21st century

Masdar city?


■■■■■■ サステイナブルシティの機能と設備 Facilities of sustainable city


J-town2010 energy is self contained. Each house is self contained.

Stand alone system
Small cluster system

Middle cluster system

■■■■■■ Water and food

J-town2010 sustainable house

Self contained
 Rain water reserve for tap water
 Sewer for water cultivation
 Food by water cultivation to satisfy family calorie
 PV and solar water heater

Environmentally low impact
 Low Lifecycle cost
 Low Lifecycle carbon
 Beautiful landscaping

Plot: 800m2



Prevent desertification
Utilize rainfall
Stop irrigation and well water pasture
Stop Eutrophication
Reuse sewer

Water shortage and unsustainable impact of irrigation =>rain water and sewer recycling for water cultivation

■■■■■■ Healthcare

Preventive medicine and High QOL


J-town2010 sustainable house for aged people


"Universal cradle"
Good maneuverability both indoor and outdoor
Monitoring and climate control

"Universal booth"
Self care for privacy and high QOL

■■■■■■ Infrastructure, Transportation, Envilonment

Lifecycle cost of the infrastructure

J-town2010 lifecycle cost per household is way low compared to the conventional development and house.

Blue: J-town2010 development LCC
Brown: Conventional development LCC
From left to right: Land,Road,Park,Water,Sewer,Rainwater,Electric power,Communication,Education and public facility,Infrastructure subtotal,House,Food produce plant

Low cost mechanism of J-town2010 system

Road and transportation system
Water and sewer
Public facility
Community Tax, Social responsibility

■■■■■■ Housing

J-town2010 sustainable house



■■■ Goa of sustainable industryl: Reduce Global Income difference

Dec 2011 Y.Takiyama

Y axis: Times of top 10% and bottom 10%
X axis: USD PPP per capita
Data UNDP HID report 2009, Statics bureau Japan 2004


セルフコンテインド(自営) Self contained
Community share system
 Community based R&D / Community stake holder
 Closed community medial
 総合タウンセンター for Knowledge industry and Knowledge education

■■■海外事例 Examples in the world

■Hollywood 自営者の協業
「平等で自由な産業コミュニティ」 Industrial community

■3M 15% rule
労働の15%を個人の自己実現に使う 15% of work hour is used for employee's self actualization.

■Carl Zeiss foundation
資本家の搾取を避けるため財団化 Anti capitalism 

1910年ごろのツァイス工場 Zeiss complex in 1910 (wikipedia) 

■■■国内事例 Examples in Japan


島根県石見銀山 Iwami ginzan

Nonoichi Kitake

岡山県吹屋 Fukiya
べんがらを使った吹屋の街並、 陶磁器や朱肉に使われていたベンガラ

茨城県日立と栃木県足尾 Hitachi Ashio

岐阜県美濃 Mino

埼玉県小川町 Ogawa

群馬県桐生市 Kiryu
職住学の一体化、コミュニティステークホルダー 民間主導の織物関連技術と大学

富山県高岡 Takaoka


静岡県湖西市 豊田佐吉記念館 Toyoda Sakichi memorial


栃木県益子町 Mashiko


■漆器 長野県平沢 和歌山県海南市黒江 石川県輪島市 甲州印伝や 金沢箔、八女福島
Hirasawa,Kuroe,Wajima,Koshu Inden,Kazanaza gold film,Yame butsudan


平沢の沈金師 石本さん

愛知県豊田市 足助屋敷 Asuke yashiki



徳島県藍住町 藍の館


■ 長野県上田市 上田蚕種協業組合と信州大学農学部


■■■ サステナブルシティに適した産業例 Industries suitable to sustainable city

■Industrial design
Environment, Energy, Transportation, IT, etc.

■Contents, Art products

■Life science
Medical, Healthcare, Bioscience

■Agriculture and food processing

■Education, Hospitality service

■■■■■■ 都市運営 City management

Replace public duties with private sectors.

ex. Sandy Springs (GA)
All works are handled by private sectors except Police and firefighting.

ex. PPEA law at Virginia

Local government and developer's role

■■■■■■ Action program 小規模コミュニティとして独立する道

■■■■■■ Case study

"Sustainable city" and "Smart city" is totally different concept.


Sustainable city J-town2010,Vaxjo,Hammarby Sjostad, Ijburg
Religious community Monte Casino
Garden city Retchworth
Gardencity w/motorization Radburn,Arvine
Amish Lancaster(PA)
Industrial city Soltair,Dubai
Academic/Reseach city Suburban Boston (MA)
Smart city Masdar city
TOD (monorail) Las Colinus,Bogota,Curitiba,San Louis Obispo
Health oriented community Cooper Cgaig ranch
Retirement community Riderwood(MD)
Theme park city Celebration
Future experimental EPCOT center
Medieval wall city Nanto,Fujian Tulou
Modern megacity Chandigarh,Berlin Bauhaus,
Industrial (Suburban headquarter) Armonk
Academic/Reseach city Prinston(NJ), Paro Alto(CA)
Resort Carmel,Aspen,Boulder
Settlement Shanghai Int'l Settlement
Industrial (Trading) Marrakech
Smart city Songdo U-city(Korea)
Mega city Tianjin Eco City

In Japan

Ancient village Idojiri(Nagano)
Industrial Hashima(Nagasaki)
Academic Kashiwanoha(Chiba),Tsukuba(Ibaraki)
Medieval wall city Imai(Nara) Tondabayashi(Osaka)
Medieval Industrial Autonomous community Sakai(Osaka)
Religious Koyasan(Wakayama)
Agro COOP Ohara Yugaku(Chiba),Ninomiya Sakuramachi(Tochigi)
Agri village Hunakawashin(Toyama)
Regional education Kusado(Hiroshima)

サステイナブル指標の比較 Comparison of sustainability

Radar chart


■ 東日本大震災での検証と復興案 Case study of East Japan earthquake

■ タイ洪水の検証と復興案 Case study of Thailand flood

■■■ 実現可能性調査 Feasibility study

■■ 世界各地で適用可能かの検証 Feasibility of global implementation 
Implementation of J-town2010 in particular country and region

Coastal area 巨大都市化・環境悪化を防止
Semi desert area 砂漠化防止(北部・内陸部の灌漑農業を水耕栽培に転換)
■Southeast Asia
India and Bangladesh 巨大都市化防止、砂漠化防止
■Mid east
Semi desert area 地域間紛争防止
Semi desert area 都市内大規模スラム解消、砂漠化防止
■Europe エネルギー自給化
■North America, Oceania エネルギー自給化
■South America プランテーション脱却
■Japan エネルギー食料自給化
Mega city area
Rural area
■others セルフコンテインド化

■■既存都市からの移行が可能かの検証 Feasibility of migration

■ 既存都市からの移行方法
How to migrate from or modify existing city to sustainable city J-town2010 before 22nd century.

Mega city
Industrial city
Farm village
Garden city /bed town
Academic city
Refugee camp/Slum

■ 実地での具体的検証 Case study of Real Development Project.
理念とミッション Philosophy and Mission
What is the philosophy and mission of the project?
Should this project be the most effective investment for sustainable regional development for next century, say 2100?

基礎調査Basic research
・デモグラフィック Demographic forecast of the earth, country, region at year 2100? (Population, Income, etc./cohort, geographic, etc.)
・技術 Technology and social system forecast at year 2100? (Technology and lifestyle forecast)
上位計画との整合性(上位マスタープランを自ら作成する) Master plan
・Master plan of UN or neighborhood countries?
・Master plan of the country for 2100? (By what resource this country will prosper?)
・Master plan of the region for 2100? (By what resource this regian will prosper?)
代案 既存都市を改造するか、新都市を創るか Alternatives
・Develop a new city or renovate existing city system?

■ 日本企業のビジネスチャンスとデベロッパーの役割Business chance for Japan

City package 公共施設まで含んだ都市全体の開発と運営(行政の代行含む)
Development package
Operation package 

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